Sydney Trip

Warburton Ranges youth arts went to Sydney Exhibition in 2006
These are the people went to Sydney
Albie Vegas, Janet Vost, June Richards, Myra Lawson, Kresna Cameron, Cushia Holland, Gino Ward, Isaac Mclean , Delvina Lawson , Noelene Landers, and Janka and Kumana met us there.

On November the youth arts team travel to Ayers rock and flew to Sydney for the ABC Exhibition. we showed our work and had some speech at the welcome opening and the ladies showed there painting and fabric curtin with language and English words, then film, slideshow movies, then we had BBQ at the gallery. it was good meeting the other arts workers with their staff too. We stayed there for one week in that time we did lots things like visiting the galleries and sightseeing and shopping and some of the girls went to get their hair done in the African hairdressing salon, and we went over the bridge in the bus and under on the boat and went through the water in the tunnel. And we went to Coogee beach and had good swim in the big bath swimming pool and had a lunch and went out of city to a farm town. then went Koorie radio and went to Blue mountain to see Rachel and had lunch and had weekend off. then on Monday morning we drive in to the city to the Airport to catch a plane to Ayers Rock then drive back to Warburton.