bush trips

We went on a bush trip. There was seven of us, all fellas. We all went in one car. We went out on warakurna road. We were digging and cleaning the rock holes. We were cleaning the dirt out of the rock hole to see the water in the hole. The water in the rockholes is for the animals. We cleaned out three rockholes, and did this in one full day. We also put a metal spider around one rock hole. This stops the camels from falling in there. In one of the pictures you can see me at the bottom of the whole digging it out.
(Randall and Ellen wrote this).

fashion workshop

In May 2009 we had a workshop here with Lenine (Young people and the arts Australia), painting hats and t-shirt making own designs and we painted the wall too. Everybody liked it, some of the girls like painting the t-shirt and the boys liked the hats and they were wearing the shirts and the hats for fashion they took turns taking photos of each other.

Ngurra Pirni Fashion 2007

Fashion styles from across the Lands, Cultural Centre, Warburton

Warburton Youth Arts hosted a big fashion event in late July - a result of glass jewellery making, felting, performance and set building workshops where young people created fashion accessories and designs for the catwalk. Fire and smoke, clouds, and wildflowers starred alongside the models in the show.

We made the jewelleries out of glass using different sorts of colours, copper and powders.. Then we put them in the big oven, the kiln. The we just glued on those attachments.


In 2007 a group of people from Warburton youth arts went to the garma festival near Darwin here is a photo's of them one got the yothu yindi singer with them.


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Glass Workshop

We started making our own glass. We used those little wires , cutting them with the tools. The old ladies have never done it like that, they use a different way, cutting the white boards making shapes and designs. The young ones are doing it different with iron and wire. Its looking good, all the ones we were doing. Some young people were doing the old peoples designs, like the sitting ladies with their sticks, and the spears designs. I never did that , I did my own design . I did little round circles little ones in the middle, then a little one inside a big one.

mandurah stretch festival

We drove from Warburton in the morning and we had our breakfast on the road And we went to Cosmo to pick up Nicole, how many girls went on trip to Mandurah? Janet Vost, Jasmine Lawson, Kresna Cameron, Noelene Landers, Prudence Andy, Nicole Smythe, Sharna Turner, and Jessie West
At Manduruh we were doing some movies at the festival about the fashion and some people were enjoying them and big posters. Then we went for shopping, it was fun.
At Mandurah we also had a bbq at Merna's house and we ate fish and chips at the river, then we saw a pelican.